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The Gospel of Saint John

Christ is Risen!

Please take note of the fact that the daily Gospel readings during the Feast of Pascha are all from the Gospel of St. John.  This is the only time in our liturgical year that his Gospel is presented to us. There is a reason for this.

St. John's Gospel is the most "theologically deep" and thus difficult to understand. It is presented to us here because we have been sensitized to spiritual things by our Lenten exercises and the profound spiritual experience of Holy Week and the Paschal services. It is in the "Light of the Resurrection" that we can see spiritual things more clearly.

Daily reading of the Scripture is an important part of our Pascal celebration. This is one of the principal means we have been given for inviting Jesus into our lives in a meaningful and sincere way.

Pascha invites us to build upon the labors and sacrifices of Great Lent, not to abandon them. Christ also is calling us to come "further up and further in." 

Fr. Philip

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