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The Great Calm

This morning's Gospel reading, Matt. 8:23-27, juxtaposes fear and faith. Or, more specifically, fear for ones own safety and faith in God's provident care. Like so much of Jesus' teaching a spiritual interpretation seems to be the only thing that makes any sense. Jesus is clearly not saying the faith in God will rescue us from all of the perils of this life. The experience of faithful Christians has, with very few exceptions , never been this.

I cannot expect of myself that I  would be able to explain all of the significance present in our Lord's miraculous life. One thing, however, stands out as I reflect upon this passage: faithful Christians do have the experience of being "touched" by God in their inner world, their "hearts." When this happens a "great calm" settles upon the heart. The anxieties of egoistic alienation are quieted and an awareness of God's provident care for us gives us peace, even in the midst of temporal suffering.

Peace be unto all.

Fr. Philip

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