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What is Orthodox Christianity? Resources:

If you are new to the Orthodox faith, or returning after a long time away, we would like to urge you to come and experience the joy of our services.  Come and join us.  As you stand in worship with us you will be surrounded by people who have walked a similar path.  We know that it can be a challenging and sometimes strange experience at first.  We encourage you to ask questions at any time, knowing that there will be no judgment and much love in our answers.  
If, however, you would like some answers before you come to a service, we offer these resources.  Some of us found it helpful to read a little about the Orthodox experience before coming to a service for the first time.
First Visit to an Orthodox Church: Twelve Things I Wish I'd Known 

This is an article by Frederica Mathewes-Green about her experiences as a convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. (Opens a new browser window.)

A Booklet on Church Etiquette

This is a booklet outlining some of the more confusing practices for a new visitor, such as when to sit or stand during an Orthodox service.  As you read this, however, we hope that you understand we include this only to ease anxiety - not increase it.  No one is going to be watching to see if you follow these guidelines "properly."  We come together to worship our God in love, not judgment.  

About Orthodoxy

This is a series of links to short articles about Orthodoxy: from Orthodox History to Feast Days, Prayer, and more.

A set of podcasts from Ancient Faith Radio for people looking into the Orthodox Christian faith.
Mobile apps from Ancient Faith Radio for Apple, Android, and Kindle.
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