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We offer a small but interesting variety of Orthodox books, as well as icons, candles, and incense. Please browse our selection!


Featured Book

An Introduction to God: Encountering the Divine in Orthodox Christianity


Speaking to non-believers and believers alike, Fr. Andrew Damick attempts to create a sacred space in which we can encounter God. In this compact volume, he distills the essence of the traditional Christian faith, addressing the fundamental mysteries of where God is, who God is, why we go to church, and why Christian morality matters. If you've only heard about the Protestant or Roman Catholic version of Christianity, what he has to say may surprise you and make you long to encounter God in Jesus Christ.


From the Foreword by Jonathan Jackson: Fr. Andrew Damick has written a beautiful, humble, and profound book on the mystery of God s love for mankind. It is beautiful because the author is introducing the reader to the Beautiful One. It is humble because Fr. Andrew has no interest in conveying his own ideas or philosophies - only the True Faith as passed down from Christ and His Apostles from generation to generation. It is profound because it is a clear and prayerful exposition of pristine Christianity.

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