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About Site Membership

What is site membership for?

Membership in this site provides access to the church directory, and allows users to participate in the user forums for prayer requests, general discussion, and sharing recipes. You can also subscribe to sermon and blog posts to be notified of any new posts. Members can also use Bookshare to share their Orthodox books with other members.

Who can be a site member?

People who are known to the Holy Transfiguration parish (church members and other friends of the church).

What can I post in the forums?

Prayer requests and discussions about the life of our parish. If you have a new prayer request, please create a new posting rather than attaching it to someone's existing request. Please don't post anything you wouldn't want to say in front of the whole parish, with your mother and father in attendance! Be respectful of and kind to others. Never post when you are upset or angry.

How do I become a site member?

Use the Log In button below to set up a new account. When your site membership is approved you will be notified by email, and can then access member content. Approval may take a few days.

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